About Us

Nishva Security is a dynamic and innovative company, committed to provide security solutions to your businesses and personal requirements. Our company’s operations follow the safety guidelines of the government to help protect everyone from the current pandemic situation and other emergencies such as natural disasters or any unforeseen events. We take pride on ourselves in providing full range of Security Management Services and we continually improve the contents and quality of our products and services. We have well qualified and experienced security professionals, dedicated to grow and improve their skills within their scope of practice. We are driven to succeed in every aspects of our businesses and we always give back to our community.

A Leading Nishva Security Services

We have the highest standards of integrity and excellence at every level. To us, integrity and professionalism are of the utmost importance. As a firm committed to excellence, we maintain the highest industry standards for security officer’s training, honor, loyalty and character. All of our security officers are highly trained and are subject to constant site supervision and random inspections. Our security officers can also assist in undertaking additional duties such as, reception, stock control and administration, dispute management & so on.


Nishva Security is an enthusiastic and highly competitive organization dedicated to provide the highest quality of care and protection. We aspire to achieve the safety and satisfaction of both of our clients and team members by exceeding expectations and practicing the highest ethical standard.


Our mission at Nishva Security is to deliver the best and the most reliable security services in Alberta and other provinces. We strive to provide excellent security strategies customizable to our client’s demands. Providing protection to our clients and meeting community expectations are our top priorities. That is why our team is prepared to proactively engage ensuring the safety of our clients and future businesses.


We at Nishva Security value the commitment we promised to our clients with integrity, loyalty, transparency, confidentiality and consistency. We uphold ourselves accountable and dedicated to assure the protection of our clients, employees, client’s properties and other businesses. Our clients can rely on us that we are doing our due diligence to guard, patrol and respond in situations we are called for to maintain peace and safety.